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India International Center, New Delhi

August 26 - 27, 2013

1. Session - Empowerment: Health and Well Being
       Name : Dr. Massouda Jalal

  • Affirmative action policy and programs for aged women empowerment as they are more vulnerable to discrimination, violence, poverty and crisis.

2. Session - Empowerment: Health and Well being
       Name : FerdousAra Begum

  • Government should ensure older women's access to basic needs, such as, access to housing, health, security and empowerment on equal terms with men. So that older women may age with dignity.
  • Government should adopt age and gender friendly policies and programs on the basis of national and international instruments including general accommodation. Number 27 of the CEDAW Convention.
  • Government should allocate adequate budget for ageing population and implement policies and progress for the protection of human rights of older women.

3. Session - Caregiving & Elderly Care
       Name : Anjali A Raje

  • A percentage of the 2% of the CSR of industries/ corporates earmarkedunder the New Companies Act must be allotted for senior citizen's programmes/projects.
  • The sensitization of school children should be a nationwideprogramme in which senior citizens act as 'teachers' to inculcate moral views amongst the youngsters – to help rebuild the deteriorating moral fabric of our country - to have respect for elders, for women, for hard work.

4. Session - Gender Responsive Policies, Programmes and Practices
       Name : Sangita Nirola

  • To revise Senior Citizen and make it more rights based rather than welfare based.
  • Have a desegregated data on ageing population.
  • Ask for UN Convention on Ageing Population.
  • Devise plan of action for ageing population.
  • Mainstream elderly in policy and programmes

5. Session - Elder Abuse
       Name : Lily Thapa

  • To look into the Ageing Women with Gender perspectives.
  • Provide a platform for elderly people to reduce isolation.
  • Sensitize business houses to promote Ageing Friendly employment opportunities.
  • Promote Day Care concept for elderly people to avoid them going to old age homes.
  • Form a network of organization working for the elderly women in the South Asian Region
  • Submit a recommendation to SAARC to address the issues of witchcraft.

Conference Booklet

Details of the conference held on "Ageing Women Critical Challenges & Concerns" at New Delhi on 26-27th August, 2013
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Key points of discussion at the Conference

Ageing Women and Development
Ageing Women and Health and Advancing Well-being
Ageing Women and Enabling and Supportive Environment
Ageing Women and Connected Technologies


Taking up the cause of older women waiting patiently for years for supportive action
Country wise understanding of status of older women
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