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Dr. K.K. Mishra Dr. Kamal Kishore Mishra: DR. KAMAL KISHOR MISHRA is a scholar of Oriental epigraphy, manuscriptology and art.

Currently, Dr. Mishra is Assistant Professor in the Post Graduate Department of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta, Kolkata. He teaches Indian History, Epigraphy and Paleography as well as some theoretical basics of historical linguistics, language classification: Indo- European family of languages.

Dr. Mishra was the Director of Indian Cultural Centre, High Commission of India, in Fiji accredited to Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Island, Nauru and Kiribati.

He has also served as a Joint Director at the Shree Ranbir Sanskrit Research Institute, Jammu. He also worked as a Consultant for Academic and Research in the Sangeet Natak Academi, National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama, Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

He was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru scholarship for PhD at the University of Delhi, and research fellowships to the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR) Post-doctoral Fellow at the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

His work includes Indianness of Cambodian Sanskrit Inscriptions for MPhil at University of Delhi, Changing Scenario of Indian Economy up to 8th Century AD on the evidence of Sanskrit Inscriptions for PhD degree at University of Delhi and Self in Indian Narrative Tradition: Socio-Psycho analysis with special reference to the Mahabharata for Post Doctoral research at Jawarharlal Nehru University.

He has written extensively on Indian culture and art forms, especially dance.

Dr. Mishra’s published works include Prachin Bharatiya Arthavyavastha [2004, 2006], Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts of Jammu & Kashmir, Vol-IV [with Dr. D.R. Shastri, 2004], Kathak: The World of Shovana Narayan [2005], Krantija: Indira Gandhi [Translation work, with Anand Pathak, 2005], Nataraj: Brahmanda ka Divya Nartan [2007], Random Plurals, Word, Meaning and Perspective [Ed. With Dr. R. Sugathan, 2008], Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Bengali Manuscript in the tradition of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu [with Dr. S.T.Nasreen, 2008], Shree Raghunath Temple Jammu (In Hindi) [2010], Reconstructing the Traditions of Ancient Indian Economy [Translation by Shovana Narayan, 2013], Mahabharata mein Atma Vimarsha [2013], Vidyotma in Kalidas [2013], Nataraja: The Divine Dance of the Cosmos [Translation by Shovana Narayan, 2013] and India-Fiji: Experiences to Remember [Ed. With Satendra Nandan, Emeritus Professor, Centre for Creative & Cultural Research, University of Canberra, Australia, 2013], Art, Architecture and Sculpture- Shri Raghunath Temple, Jammu [Translation by Shovana Narayan, 2013].

Dr. Mishra’s forthcoming publication is Nataraj: Art, Aesthetics & Philosophy in Hindi by Penguin Books, India.
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